Sediul social: TIMIŞOARA, str Ion Heliade Rădulescu, nr 10, jud Timiş
Activitatea principală: 6021 - Activităţi de realizare software la comandă (software orientat client)
Cod Unic de Înregistrare: 24197954
Nr de ordine în registrul comerţului: J35 / 2613 / 16.07.2008

Software (software on order)

Thanks to the longstanding experience, our personnel is capable of solving /modifying applications in very short times. The communication ability of our programmers, through counsuling, eases our assignment to identify your needs and to evaluate the time requested to solve them. The combination of informatical knowledge with the originality of our designers leads to the unicity of every project. Every project is at the disposition of the customers during its development in order to assure the possibility to intervene with changes or adjustments.

One of our strenghts is the permanent documentation of the best applications used.

Analysis of requests

- creation of the programme details and design of the interface
- estimation of the finalisation times
- planning of the project phases
- architecture
- implementing
- extended testing
- control by customers

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