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Activitatea principală: 6021 - Activităţi de realizare software la comandă (software orientat client)
Cod Unic de Înregistrare: 24197954
Nr de ordine în registrul comerţului: J35 / 2613 / 16.07.2008


Nowadays, we are all under pressure beacuse of the time. Everybody.
That is why we create efficient programms.
They accurately administrate the iformation we need,
through simple means

b f software - beyond programming

BF Software creates any software product upon request, at any complexity degree. Romania is a country with a high informatical capacity, people are open; that is why we created BF SOFTWARE. We permanently try out new approaches to the existing programms. We created stable applications through the combination of basic knowledge with new programms.

Every project has more approaches and more creation possibilities. The application we create are easy to understand. The user does not need further knowledge in the informatics area. The need for automatization/informatization is huge. Therefore we consider that, no matter the complexity of the project, the application has to be simple and easy to maintain by the user.

We have a team of experienced informaticians, who can easily identify the type of application you need. We can also modify the applications in order to keep you satisfied.

BF Software - beyond programming means the need to delegate the computer.

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